Training Schedule

There are currently no scheduled training classes. If you would like training please email wrpi-mal [at]

Want to be a DJ?

DJ in action

Be a part of WRPI's rich tradition in great college radio! Join WRPI and enliven the spirit of the station with your own voice and musical choice! Rather learn the technical side of what it takes to operate a 10,000 watt FM station? How about show off your sports announcing prowess to an audience of RPI alumni and fans all over the world? Or maybe use an actual high quality recording studio to turn a local band's set into FM magic? You can do it all at WRPI! We hold DJ training classes throughout the academic year, but you can get involved at any time.

Three playing live in the studio.
Three playing live on air. You could be in the audience!

WRPI is a student-run FM radio station broadcasting at 10,000 effective watts, giving you the power to send your program 75 miles in any direction via radio and around the world via the internet. As a free-format station, WRPI allows DJs to play whatever music they want (within basic FCC regulations). There are shows that cover every genre - rock, metal, hip-hop, jazz, blues, bluegrass, techno, electronic, and indie - you can really do anything and fit right in. WRPI DJs also enjoy a variety of bonuses, such as the ability to learn about and participate in live sound broadcast (we generally host at least two live bands in our studio per week), or participate in the promotion of local shows. We get tickets to some really awesome shows! Above all, this is a whole bunch of fun!


Becoming a member is easy; all that is necessary is attendance at one general meeting, attendance at one executive committee meeting, and two work hours around the station per semester. Becoming a cleared DJ and getting a show requires just a little more time and effort.


To be cleared to broadcast, do the following:

That's all! Once you're cleared, all you need to do to get your own scheduled show is complete 4 work hours per semester and file a show application (emailed to members once per semester). The strength of WRPI's programming lies in the diversity of its DJs, so become a DJ this semester and start broadcasting right away! We look forward to hanging out with you!